• All submitted abstracts must be in English


  • The content of the abstract is solely the responsibility of the author. The original abstract is reprinted exactly as provided. During submission, it must clearly indicate the name of the presenting author, who will be considered the contact person for all correspondence connected with the submitted abstract.
  • All submitted abstracts need to have the names and surnames of all co-authors, along with their positions in their affiliated institutions.
  • The presenting author can be any of the listed authors without affiliations to industry.


  • Submissions need to be limited to 300 words.


  • An abstract must have a short, specific title (no abbreviations) that clearly indicates the nature of the investigation. It is encouraged that the title is set so as to attract the audience and to hint to the conclusion of the investigation.


  • A well-written abstract typically has the following identified sections:
    1. Background/objectives: a brief introduction, which states the problem that you are addressing as well as some background information on the issue. The introduction of the abstract should include a very brief background 1-2 statements followed by the objectives of the investigation.
    2. Design and methods: the methodologies, number of test subjects and scientific approach used to conduct the research.
    3. Results: it is expected that authors present data that support their conclusion. Tables and graphs should include explanatory captions.
    4. Conclusions: further areas of research and overall conclusion of the research
    5. Citation: a reference list and acknowledgements, if applicable. A maximum of two tables/graphs/images can be included.


It is the intent of AACE Gulf Chapter to provide high quality sessions focused on educational content that is free from commercial influence or bias.

A disclosure form identifying commercial relationships or conflict of interest for all co-authors must be completed by the submitting author, if their abstract has been accepted for publication. The submitting author signs and verifies disclosure on behalf of all co-authors. Disclosure information for accepted abstracts will be made available to the congress attendees.

Abstracts should not be submitted if the following applies:

  • The abstract contains data that has been published or accepted for publication in a print or online journal.
  • The abstract contains data that was presented at a scientific meeting less than 6 months prior to AACE, GC 2020

All authors should refrain from submitting Pharma Abstracts.


Abstracts will be reviewed blinded without the names of submitting authors appearing to the reviewers.

The reviewers will  judge the abstracts according to the scientific or clinical value, relevance to AACE GC, suitability of methods to aims, conclusions confirmed by objective results, objectivity of statements, description of methods used, ethics, originality of work, standard of English and overall impression.

Upon completion of the evaluation of submitted abstracts, an ‘Accepted’ or ‘Rejected’ email will be sent to authors. Abstract acceptance will one be in one category: ePoster presentation. Upon acceptance of an author’s submission, the following instructions below are applicable:

  • The presenting author of the presentation should confirm their attendance to virtual congress upon receiving the acceptance email within one week.
  • The availability of any sort of grant for registration will be mentioned in the acceptance email, without any guarantees at the abstract submission stage.
  • Accepted authors will receive one complimentary registration pass to the virtual congress that will be assigned and sent up to 10 days prior to the congress
  • Authors who confirm presence will receive a free communication code based on their category of submission up to 10 days before the congress.
  • If you need to withdraw your abstract, a written statement listing the reasons for this decision must be sent to the abstract helpdesk at science@medgress.com no later than September 30, 2020
  • Authors: are to submit the electronic version of the abstract in PPT format at least 10 days prior to the congress.
  • Failure to provide the ePoster on time will not expose the abstract on the LIVE conference website of the AACE GC Virtual Congress.


Accepted ePosters will be displayed at the AACE Gulf Chapter LIVE website available from November 03, 2020. All ePosters will be available throughout the congress and a direct contact button will be available to ask questions to the presenters.

  • All ePosters should have one page only, in portrait. Please download the template featured on the left side.
  • Hyperlinks, animated images, animations and videos are not permitted for ePosters and will be non-functioning.
  • QR Codes can be included.
  • Please note that it is also possible for all attendees to send a private message with questions to the presenters during the congress. If the presenter is not available online at the scheduled timeslot, we will also forward the questions from the chat to them via email.


The submitting author must verify that all co-authors have read and approved the submission of the abstract.

ePoster Template